How to Relocate a FiOS Ethernet Router

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Get enough coaxial and ethernet cable before you move your FiOS router.

A Verizon FiOS customer's router links to the network via RG6 coaxial cable plugged into the Verizon cable wall outlet. To relocate a Verizon FiOS router, use enough coaxial cable to connect the wall outlet to the FiOS router at its new location. You'll also need access to a power outlet and enough Ethernet cable to connect the router to your computer. Once you've installed the cable run, moving and setting up the FiOS router is a straightforward task that doesn't require specialist computer or networking knowledge.


Step 1

Switch off the router. Unplug one end of the black power cable from the rear panel of the FiOS router and the other end from the power outlet. Unplug the yellow Ethernet cable from the router's back panel. Unscrew the coaxial cable from the connector jack on the FiOS router. Move the router to its new location.

Step 2

Screw one end of the new run of RG6 coaxial cable into the cable wall outlet. Skip this step if you're using the original cable. Screw the other end into the connector jack on the back of the router.


Step 3

Plug one end of the black power cable into the power outlet. Plug the other end into the black power socket on the router's rear panel. Switch on the router. Wait for both the power and the Internet connection green indicator lights to activate on the router's front panel.

Step 4

Plug one end of the yellow Ethernet cable into the Network or LAN port on the back or side of your computer. Insert the other end into one of the four Ethernet ports on the router's rear panel. Repeat this step for each computer that you want to connect to the FiOS router.

Step 5

Switch on your computer. This lights up the LAN -- local area network -- indicator on the router's front panel.


The router can take two to three minutes to connect to the Internet when you first switch it on.


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