How to Piggyback Secured WiFi Networks

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Windows 7 enables users to share Internet connections with other computers via ad hoc networks. An ad hoc network allows a computer to piggyback on a secured Wi-Fi network that a host computer is already connected to. Ad hoc networks are an ideal option if you want to give someone temporary access to the Internet in your home or office, but don't want them to know your network password.


Step 1

Click "Start." Right-click "Network." Click "Properties" to open Network and Sharing Center.

Step 2

Select "Set Up a New Connection or Network" from the right pane. Select "Set Up a Wireless Ad Hoc (Computer-to-Computer) Network" from the connection options. Click "Next."

Step 3

Enter a network name for the ad hoc network, and then select a security type from the drop-down menu. WPA is recommended, since it provides the greatest security. Input a password for the new network. Check "Save This Network." Click "Next."

Step 4

Click "Turn On Internet Connection Sharing" to enable piggybacking on the secured Wi-Fi network. Click "Close."


To piggyback on the Wi-Fi hot spot through the ad hoc network, select the network name from the "Wireless Network Connection" module found on the taskbar, and then click "Connect."

You must have a wireless card to connect to or create an ad hoc network.