How to Connect a Keyboard to a TV

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Get to where you want faster using a keyboard with your smart TV.
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Smart TVs, or those that enable you to access video-streaming sites and other websites, open new doors for your connectivity. Trying to browse using your television remote isn't efficient, but most Smart TVs connect easily to keyboards using wireless or Bluetooth technology. These keyboards make it easier to enter search terms, passwords and status updates from your couch.


Making the Connection

Keyboards connect to Smart TVs using two main processes, but check the user manuals for both devices to determine the specific instructions. For wireless keyboards, push the wireless USB dongle into one of the TV's USB ports, while both the TV and keyboard are turned on. The TV should automatically detect the keyboard and open a dialog box asking to set up or activate the keyboard. Choose "Yes" or "OK." For Bluetooth keyboards, navigate to the TV's Bluetooth menu, often under the Settings or System menus. Turn on your keyboard in pairing mode -- often when the "ON" light is blinking -- and choose the selection on your TV that enables it to pair with a Bluetooth device. When the TV finds the keyboard, select it on the screen and enter the keyboard's default password, found in the user manual, to pair the two devices.

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