How to Connect a Projector to a Computer Wirelessly

Attaching a projector to your home network can enable any computer in the house to utilize the device wirelessly, adding a new dimension of productivity to your home computing environment. Accomplishing this task is fairly simple, even for a fairly novice computer user. The only thing that is required is an operating system that allows for projector sharing across the network, such as Windows Vista or Windows 7. The setup process should take no longer than 10 minutes.

Image Credit: IT Stock/Polka Dot/Getty Images

Step 1

Connect the projector to one of your home networked computers using the wired connection (usually a USB connection for most projectors). Follow the instructions that came with your projector to install it to the host computer.

Step 2

Activate the projector sharing wizard on the wireless computer by clicking on the "Start" menu, then typing "Projector Sharing" in the search box. Click on the option that appears, listed as "Connect to a Network Projector." This will display an on-screen wizard designed to complete the connection process.

Step 3

Utilize the "Search for a Projector" option to automatically detect the projector attached to your home network. Select your projector from the list, then follow the rest of the on-screen prompts to complete the connection procedure, after which you will be able to connect to the projector using your remote wireless computer.