How to Connect a Sanyo Pro-X Multiverse Projector to a Computer

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The Sanyo Pro-X Multiverse Projector allows you to display digital videos, photos, presentations and websites on a larger viewing area. You can use the VGA or DVI port on your computer to send the video from your computer to the video inputs on the Multiverse projector. The Windows operating system features native support for projectors so you won't have to worry with installing additional utilities to display the image from your monitor on the projector's screen.


Step 1

Locate the video out port on your computer and determine if you have a VGA or DVI connection. VGA ports are square in shape with circular holes in the center of the port while DVI ports are rectangular with square-shaped holes.

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Step 2

Plug one end of the VGA or DVI cable into the port on your computer.


Step 3

Connect the other end of the cable into the VGA or DVI port on the Sanyo projector. Turn on the projector.

Step 4

Click the Windows orb and click the "Control Panel" option. Type "projector" into the search box and click "Connect to a Projector" in the results that appears. Click the "Duplicate" or "Extend" option in the display type field to send video to the projector.



Step 5

Press the "Input" button on the projector's control panel until the image from the computer appears on the projector's screen.




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