How to Troubleshoot an NEC Projector

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A malfunctioning projector can be a cause of unbelievable grief, particularly if it happens before a big presentation. Learning some quick troubleshooting tips for an NEC projector can save you time and hassle, and help you ensure your presentation goes without a hitch.


Step 1

Check the power. If the projector is not turning on or shutting off, make sure the power cord is properly attached to the projector and plugged into the wall securely. Also, make sure the projector is correctly attached to your computer.


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Step 2

Make sure the projector is not overheating. Check the ventilation slots to make sure they are not blocked. Also, turn the projector off for at least 20 minutes to allow it to cool down. Make sure the room in which you are using the projector isn't too warm. NEC projectors work best in cooler rooms.


Step 3

Check the lamp to make sure it is properly attached and hasn't burned out. Also, look for a red blinking light on the housing. If the light is blinking red, it means the projector has a bad lamp or the lamp housing is incorrectly attached.

Step 4

Make sure the projector's settings are correct. If you are having picture issues, adjust the brightness and contrast on the projector. Try adjusting the "hue" setting as well if your colors are off. Make sure you have also selected the correct wall color in the "wall color" setting.



Step 5

Check to ensure your computer's display is set for the projector and not for another display. Try rebooting your computer after the projector is attached, if nothing else works.

Step 6

If none of the above works, contact NEC customer service by calling (800) 836-0655, or logging on to



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