How to Troubleshoot a Pioneer Elite Television

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Pioneer Elite TVs, like most flat-panel TVs, could have a host of complicated or technical problems. But some problems may be more simple than you think. Try these tips and tricks to fix simple problems. If the problem is more complex, consult your owner's manual.


Step 1

Make sure the on button has been pushed and is glowing if the power is not on. Make sure the wires are connected to the TV and to the power outlet. Finally, check to see that the remote is set on TV.

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Step 2

Check to see if the sleep timer was set if the power suddenly turns off. If the timer is not on, check the power control setting, and see if the TV's internal temperature has gone up. If the TV has overheated, clean out the vents or remove any objects blocking them.


Step 3

Unplug the TV panel from the wall if the panel will not operate. Leave it sitting for at least two minutes, then plug it back in. High voltage or static electricity may have caused this problem.

Step 4

Confirm that the remote mode is set to TV if the remote control is not functioning. Change the batteries in the remote to verify that it was not a problem with the batteries. Consider making lighting changes in the room, as strong light sometimes can affect the signal.


Step 5

Check the antenna connections if the sound and picture are not working correctly. Make sure the TV is set to watch a TV channel instead of an input source. Verify that the parental controls are not on.

Step 6

Reset the picture adjustment settings to default if there is no picture. Confirm that the equipment is installed and programmed properly.



Step 7

Make sure that nothing is blocking the room light sensor if the screen appears dark.

Step 8

Check the screen size for the current channel or input source if the picture is cut off. Confirm that the picture is centered.


Step 9

Watch images in full screen as much as possible to avoid burn-in problems. If images are displayed in 4:3 mode or letterbox images are displayed for too long, images can linger on the screen even after the channel is changed.

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