How to Fix a Fading Plasma TV

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At some point in time, your plasma TV may seem to fade or lose its zest. The colors might look washed out, leaving the screen to appear dull and dim. Its life is not over yet; it just needs a little tweaking. Follow a troubleshooting strategy designed to boost your TV with an infusion of color, light and attitude that is truly your own.


Step 1

Check other channels and verify that the problem is not due to one broadcast station having trouble. If you do not see fading on other channels, contact your satellite or cable TV provider and put in a service ticket.

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Step 2

Unplug nearby electronics, such as hair dryers, microwaves, power tools, vacuum cleaners and fans. Some appliances can cause display problems, including snow that resembles fading symptoms on your TV. Replug the electronics that do not cause interference.

Step 3

Check the video cables and confirm that each supports its appropriate device for connection to your TV. Secure the antenna/cable. Review your external product user manuals for connection recommendations.

Step 4

Press the "Menu" button on the remote control or TV control panel. Use the arrow buttons to make your selections and setting adjustments. Select "Picture." Select "Brightness" and increase or decrease the brightness level.



Step 5

Select "Contrast" from the Picture settings menu and increase or decrease the contrast level.

Step 6

Select "Color" from the Picture menu and increase the color level to counter fading.


Step 7

Select "Advanced Control" from the Picture menu. Select "Color Temperature." Select "Warm" to display more oranges, reds and yellow hues. Press "Close" when finished.




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