Troubleshooting a JVC LCD Flat Screen TV

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JVC LCD TVs use micro-processing chips to operate the television; however, problems can occur that can obscure the picture and sound that are unrelated to the processing chip. The most common issues encountered when using a television are problems with the image, sound, power and remote control. If problems continue to occur after troubleshooting, contact JVC to resolve your issue, as this might be a sign of faulty or damaged components.


Step 1

Check to see whether your television's antenna is properly connected if you are having problems with the picture. Verify that all connections are properly inserted, checking to see if the cable or antenna-out wire is connected to the television. If you are using a cable box, ensure that the cable or antenna wire is connected into the cable box's "In" plug and that the television is connected to the cable boxes "Out" plug.


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Step 2

For color or tint issues, select "Menu" on your JVC television's remote. Using the arrow keys on your remote, select "Picture." Scroll down and select "Video Reset" to restore your picture to its factory settings.

Step 3

Ensure that your television is not connected to "Input-1," "Input-2" or "Input-3," as this will cause you to not hear any sound from the "Audio Out" on the back of your television.


Step 4

Check to see whether your batteries are inserted correctly. If they are, try a new pair of batteries; in addition, make sure that you are within 23 feet of the television to operate the remote.


Step 5

If your television automatically shuts off, check to make sure the auto-sleep function is turned off. To do so, select "Menu" on your remote and select "Settings." Select the "Off" option for both the "Auto Shut Off' and "Sleep Timer" functions.




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