How to Troubleshoot a Dynex LCD TV

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If you are having trouble with your Dynex LCD TV, and it isn't damaged or broken, the problem may be as simple as an incorrect setting. If this is the case, help is closer than you think. There are numerous troubleshooting tips and tricks in your user's manual that will help you get the job done if the trouble is minor and the fix is easy.


Step 1

If there is no picture or sound, check to see that the cord is plugged in and that the outlet is working. Press the power button on the remote or on your TV. Try changing the channel.

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Step 2

If the sound is good but the picture is poor, make sure you are in the right picture mode. Make sure the antenna or cable is connected properly.


Step 3

Adjust the color saturation if the picture is dark or the color isn't right. Also try adjusting the brightness and contrast.

Step 4

Make sure the antenna or cable is properly connected if you hear unwanted noise or snow appears on the screen. Also try switching channels.


Step 5

If the picture contains dotted lines or stripes, move your TV away from any area where nearby traffic passes your house. Also check to see if neon lights or hair dryers or other electronic noise sources are causing the problem.

Step 6

Use a better outdoor antenna or switch to cable or satellite service if the picture displays double images.


Step 7

If you have a picture but no sound, increase the volume and make sure the mute option is not on. Make sure that the audio mode is set to stereo if you have speakers hooked up to the TV or mono if you do not.


Step 8

Remove any cordless phones or other radio frequency equipment away from your TV or nearby area. These devices could cause audio noise or static.


Step 9

Make sure parental controls are not on if you cannot get certain channels. Also check to see if the channel was deleted from the channel list. If it was deleted, re-enter the channel number using the remote.

Step 10

Enter 9999 on the parental controls menu if the password is lost. Then you can reset the password.

Step 11

Unplug the power chord for a few seconds if the buttons are not working on your TV. Plug it back in and turn on the TV.

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