How to Troubleshoot Panasonic TV Volume

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On occasion, the volume on your Panasonic TV may be a little off. Too low, high or scratchy noises may be heard from time to time. Transmission signal interference is the cause of most problems; however, the TV's setup also determines how the TV's sound comes across. Take a few moments to review a list of troubleshooting tips made to cure your TV's audio.


Step 1

Verify that all TV cables, power cords and connections to external devices are secure if you do not hear audio. Check that your Panasonic TV is correctly set in TV or cable mode.

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Step 2

Verify that the indoor antenna, if one is used, is securely connected to the TV if the audio seems too loud. The lead-in wire may be broken. If so, replace the antenna; otherwise, adjust the antenna until the TV volume is at a normal level.


Step 3

Plug in fluorescent light source objects, medical equipment, vehicles and electrical appliances into another outlet, away from the TV. Magnetic interference can cause uneven noise.

Step 4

Verify that "Mute" is not pressed and increase the volume. Check the connection to external speakers, if connected. Verify that "Stereo" or "Mono" is selected for the audio setting instead of "SAP."



Step 5

Change the channel to determine if the volume problem is channel-specific. If so, contact your cable or satellite TV provider.

Step 6

Check the remote control batteries and verify that each one is installed correctly. Replace the batteries and then reprogram the remote control, if necessary.

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