How to Troubleshoot My Sylvania TV That Has No Sound

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From time to time, certain appliances and other electronic equipment may cause signal interference with your Sylvania TV. When this happens, display issues as well as sound problems may occur. The wrong input connections and sound mode will also affect whether or not your TV is inaudible. Streamline your troubleshooting and turn those silent pictures into an earful of sound.


Step 1

Verify that the "Mute" button on the remote control has not been pressed, then press the "Volume Up" button.

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Step 2

Check the audio cable input speaker connections if you have external speaker equipment connected. You should be able to hear sound from both speakers when you use the "Audio L" mono input jack.


Step 3

Replug power tools, appliances and electromagnetic lighting fixtures to an outlet that is not shared by the TV. Vacuum cleaners, radios, fluorescent and neon lighting commonly cause TV signal interference.

Step 4

Change the station. If you hear sound, the station with no sound is experiencing broadcast signal problems. Contact your cable or satellite TV provider for assistance.



Step 5

Set the "Multi-Channel Television Sound System (MTS)" settings. Press the "Menu" button on the remote control, press the "CH Up/Down" arrow keys and select "TV Sound." Select "Main," for stereo broadcasting; "Mono" for monophonic, single channel broadcasting; or "SAP (Second Audio Program)" for second language mode. Try a different mode until the sound is restored.



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