How to Change Settings on a Magnavox TV

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Magnavox TVs, like many LCD televisions, have become increasingly complex. As opposed to only set the tint and brightness on older televisions, you now control inputs, energy options, languages and several other special features. Fortunately, Magnavox TVs use a fairly simple menu-based system to get around the controls. As long as you have the remote control that came with the television, you will have no problems changing the settings.


Step 1

Press the "Format" button to change the display option for the TV screen. You can choose between the 16:9 or 4:3 signals or HDMI modes. If you are using an antenna, choose the aspect ratio closest to what the local broadcasters use.

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Step 2

Press the "Info" button to view the current channel, audio mode and the broadcasting data for the program on the current channel.


Step 3

Press the "Menu" button to change the picture, sound, setup, features and language options. Use the arrow buttons to scroll between options. "Picture" lets you change the appearance of the picture. "Sound" changes sound options. "Setup" lets you run through the setup program again. "Features" lets you control child lock, closed caption or energy-saver mode. "Language" lets you set the language of the main menu.





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