How to Adjust the Dynex TV Format

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The Dynex series of flat screen televisions allows you to cycle through several different picture formats. "Auto" selects the picture format automatically when the Auto Zoom feature is enabled. "Normal" selects the format based on the native resolution of the image source. "Wide" shows the picture full screen, but it will stretch 4:3 images. "Zoom" fills the screen without stretching the image, but it will crop the top and bottom of 4:3 images. "Cinema" fills the screen by stretching the edges of the image.


Step 1

Press the "MENU" button on the remote control. The menu automatically opens to the "Picture" sub menu.

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Step 2

Scroll to "Advanced Video" using the up and down arrow buttons.


Step 3

Press the "ENTER" button on the remote, and highlight "Zoom Mode."


Step 4

Select the left and right arrow keys to cycle through the different screen formats.

Step 5

Press the "EXIT" button to close the menu.

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