How to Add a Zoom Button to Your Taskbar

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The Windows Magnifier utility enlarges specific areas of the screen.
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The Magnifier utility in Windows 8.1 tracks your mouse movements, so you can zoom specific areas of the desktop, even if the program you're using doesn't have its own zoom feature. Although you can instantly open the Magnifier in full-screen mode by pressing "Ctrl-+" instead of navigating through the Accessibility menu, you can add a taskbar button to enable single-click launching of the Magnifier. This option also enables you to choose between modes, such as the Full Screen, Lens and Dock interfaces.


Step 1

Type "Magnifier" while viewing the Windows Start screen.

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Step 2

Right-click the "Magnifier" result and then select "Pin to Taskbar." The button instantly appears on your taskbar, but you might need to change the settings.


Step 3

Return to Desktop mode and then click the Magnifier button on the taskbar.

Step 4

Click the "+" or "-" icons to adjust the zoom level.

Step 5

Click "View" and then select your preferred zoom mode. "Full Screen" zooms the entire screen, but "Lens" uses a small Zoom window that overlays the main screen. "Dock" places the zoom window in a separate panel, so your normal window isn't obstructed.



Step 6

Click the gear icon to further adjust the Magnifier. You can try inverting the colors and changing the tracking method used to follow the mouse, keyboard or text insertion points.

Step 7

Click the "X" to close the Magnifier.

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