Problems With the Sound on a Toshiba TV for Cable

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Toshiba TVs may experience sound problems when connected to a cable network. Sound problems can come from the television's own settings, connections or from the cable provider. By adjusting the television's settings, checking the connections and testing the TV to see if the problem lies with the cable provider, you can often find and fix the problem.


Volume Control

When you encounter sound problems on your Toshiba TV, first check that the television isn't muted and that the volume is turned up. Press the up "Volume" button on the remote control or the television to raise the volume. If the volume setting display on the screen increases but the television doesn't get louder, the TV has another sound issue. Reduce the volume again so that the speakers aren't too loud when you do fix the problem.


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Toshiba televisions connect to other devices, such as cable boxes and DVD players, through a set of jacks on the back of the television. The cables used to connect peripheral devices to the television are color coded to match the jacks. Plug the audio cables into jacks with the same colors and secure them to both the television and the peripheral device. Don't use damaged cables; they could result in poor sound quality. The coaxial cable used to connect the cable or satellite box also carries the audio signal. Check that it is properly connected and that the cable is not damaged.


Audio Options

Many cable stations broadcast more than one audio signal with their programming. The second audio signal is often in a different language. Toshiba televisions allow you to choose which audio signal you want to listen to when watching a program. If the program you're watching isn't broadcasting in the right language, press "Menu" on the remote control to open the main menu and then select the "Audio" options. Select "Stereo" in the "Audio Setup" or similarly named menu to change the language.



Audio issues on Toshiba televisions are sometimes the result of a problem with the broadcast. Change the channel to see if the problem affects other stations. If the problem only exists on one channel, the problem is often resolved by your cable provider in a short amount of time. In the event the sound issue persists, contact your cable provider to report the issue.