How to Troubleshoot an Epson Projector

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Having a projector helps your business get more done and gives your clients a better look at what you have to offer. With an Epson projector in place, you can easily show data from your computer, laptop, thumb drive, television or other input device on the wall or screen, helping your customers and would-be customers visualize your products. Epson projectors are generally quite reliable, but it is important for business owners to know how to fix them when something goes wrong.


Step 1

Look at the indicator lights on the Epson projector. The indicator lights tell you a lot about the unit and help you determine the source of the problem. If you see an orange indicator light, there is a temperature problem. If the light is flashing orange, the unit is becoming too hot, and, when the orange light is steady, the projector has shut down to avoid damage from overheating. A red light means the lamp is burned out or defective.


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Step 2

Check to ensure the projector is not in standby mode if you do not see an image on the screen. Press the standby button to wake up the projector. If the video from your computer is still not reflecting on the projector screen, connect an external monitor to your computer to make sure you have good video from your computer. If there is good video from your computer, remove the monitor cable from the projector and the PC, and then firmly reattach them. Sometimes the cable comes loose, which causes the projector to lose the signal.



Step 3

Use the focus feature on the projector if the picture is blurry or unclear. You may need to adjust the focus several times before the picture is right. If you are having trouble with the color on the projector, adjust the color on your computer. If this does not help, remove and then reattach the video cable--when the cable is loose, this causes problems with the display.




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