How to Troubleshoot a ViewSonic Projector

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ViewSonic makes projectors for office and home theater applications.

There are dozens of different models of ViewSonic video projectors, made for different places and purposes, but there are a handful of common problems they all run into from time to time: blurry video, no video at all, failing to turn on or remote control problems. These steps should resolve most of the issues your ViewSonic projector gives you; if they don't fix your problem, contact ViewSonic technical support.


Step 1

Remove the lens cover. It's surprisingly easy to forget. Check for obstructions between the lens and the projection screen.

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Step 2

Check the power connection. Unplug and reconnect both ends of the projector's power cord; do the same with any power bars or surge protectors the projector is plugged into.


Step 3

Wait until the projector has finished cooling down before attempting to turn it on again. Quickly cooling then reheating the projector's lamp dramatically reduces lamp life.

Step 4

Check the projector's video connections and cables. Unplug both ends of any video cables attached to the projector and reconnect them. If your projector is connected to a computer, make sure the computer is producing a video signal that is compatible with the projector; most video cards are capable of producing higher-resolution images than most projectors support.


Step 5

Set the projector to the correct video input source. Press the "Resync" button, if your model has one, to correct image flickering or instability. You can adjust other image settings using the projector's menus. Try adjusting "Frequency" and "Tracking" under "Computer Image."


Step 6

Adjust the focus of the image if the picture is blurry. The focus ring is located around the lens array.

Step 7

Stay within 6 meters of the projector when using the remote; it won't work any further away. Also, the remote uses an infrared beam to communicate with the projector; this beam is blocked by obstructions. If the remote still doesn't work, change the batteries.


Step 8

Check your lamp's play time; some projectors turn themselves off automatically once their lamp has a certain number of hours of use logged. Spent lamps should be replaced before attempting to use the projector again.




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