How to Fix a Sansui TV

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Many Sansui TV problems can be solved within minutes.

Like any other television set, a Sansui TV can have problems over time. Some Sansui TV problems can be fixed within minutes, while others take longer to address. Sansui owners should be happy to know, however, that most problems with their TV set can be fixed. The most common issues such as poor image quality or no picture have a number of possible solutions.

Problem: No Video

Step 1

Check that the power cables to the TV have been connected properly. Though it may sound simple, many television issues can be solved just by checking the power connections to the TV. Check that the power cord rests securely in both the wall outlet and the power input on the Sansui. Shake the power input to the TV lightly with your hand. It should not move much if it's secure.

Step 2

Check the A/V cables and their input connections. On the back of the Sansui, there will be three inputs for video, left audio channel, and right audio channel. The yellow input works for video, white input for left audio, and red input for right audio. A/V cables have yellow, white and red ends that match their required input. Make sure that all A/V cables match their input by color and sit securely.

Step 3

Connect another media device to the TV to test it. You should use a different DVD player or VCR to test your screen. Connect the DVD player's A/V cables to the television's A/V inputs. Again, the A/V cables must match their required inputs by color. Turn on the new DVD player and insert a DVD using the "Open/Close" button. Press the "Video Input" button on the Sansui remote and use the up/down arrows to select "Component Video." The television should display the DVD on the screen. If the TV works with a different media player, the problem lies with your original player.

Step 4

Unplug the TV set from the power outlet for one hour. LCD televisions can overheat if they've been heavily used or if they're in a hot environment. If possible, turn on air conditioning to cool the room where the TV sits.

Problem: Bad Picture

Step 1

Change the channel on the television. Bad picture quality often comes from cable channels experiencing technical difficulties. Flip through a few different channels to see if the bad picture remains.

Step 2

Adjust the TV picture settings. Press the "Menu" button on the Sansui remote control. Use the left/right directional arrows to move the screen cursor over to the "Picture Settings" tab. Press the "Enter" button on the remote. If the TV image looks out of focus, you should boost the image sharpness. Use the up/down directional arrows to highlight the "Sharpness" tab. Use the left/right arrows to move the sharpness slider further to the right. Examine the results on your picture and move the slider further right, if necessary. Repeat this step to improve other picture qualities like brightness or tint.

Step 3

Make sure all channels have been set into the TV's memory. All cable TV channels must be set into a TV's memory before they can be viewed properly. If some channels have bad picture, they may not have been memorized by the Sansui. Press the "Menu" button on the Sansui remote. Use the up/down arrows to highlight the "Setup" tab and then press "Enter." Use the up/down arrows again to highlight "Auto Channel Search" and press "Enter." After the search has been complete, try viewing the channel you had problems with before.