How to Fix an Epson Projector With Red Lines on the Screen

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As of 2010, Epson continues to receive awards for its projectors, such as the PC Audioholics Consumer Excellence Award, the Hot Product Award from Projector Reviews and the Highly Rated Award from Projector If you experience problems with your Epson projector, Epson provides a two-year limited warranty (and a three-year warranty for the Pro Cinema and PowerLite Pro G series). You may be able to fix some projector glitches yourself if you know how to troubleshoot your Epson projector.


Step 1

Turn on the Progressive setting if you see horizontal lines on your screen. Choose "Video" to watch videos made using a video camera. Turn your Epson projector to the "Off" position while watching a large amount of movement. Set your projector to "Film" if you see flickering with the Auto setting. Leave the setting on "Film" or "Film/Auto" while watching videos that produce interlaced output. Interlaced output compresses the image into a whole one by storing the even scan lines, then switching to store the odd scan lines. Turning to the Progressive setting allows you to view images with all of their scan lines in each frame.


Step 2

Leave the video signal setting on Auto. This way your Epson projector can interpret an National Television Systems Committee (NTSC) or Phase Alternating Line (PAL) format automatically, ensuring the video input signal setting matches your video equipment and preventing static on the screen.

Step 3

Set the computer input to either "Computer," "VGA," or "RGB," depending on your projector model.

Step 4

Remove vertical lines by using the remote control video menu or by using the "Tracking" button located on the control panel of your Epson projector.


If you need technical support for your Epson projector, call the Epson Service Center at 562-276-4394 Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pacific time.


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