How to Connect a USB Webcam to a Router

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If you have recently purchased a USB webcam, you may be anxious to set it up and begin using it, as it can be simply set up in a few steps. You can plug USB webcams directly into one of your computer's available USB ports. In order to have your webcam online, you must also have a router or modem working properly before streaming video, which you can also set up in just a couple of quick steps.


Step 1

Set up your computer's Internet modem and router according to their manuals and operating instructions. You can find information on setting up your specific make and model of routers and modems by visiting the brand's official website.

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Step 2

Plug the USB webcam into an open port on your computer's tower or into an available USB port on a laptop. Your USB webcam should automatically be detected. You may need to insert the software CD the webcam came packaged with, if it requires software installation.


Step 3

Verify your Internet connection is working. You can set up your default router settings by opening your computer's default browser and visiting your router's default IP address using the router's default information regarding the username and passwords. You can locate your specific router's default credentials by using a credible router-identifying website (see Resources).



Step 4

Enter your router's default settings to set up your Internet connection to your liking. Click "Save" or "Save Settings" once you are finished configuring your Internet settings and capabilities. Be sure to remove any firewalls that can potentially disrupt your webcam sharing services.


Step 5

Use a webcam program or a free webcam website (see Resources) to broadcast online now that you have successfully connected your USB webcam and your computer's Internet modem and router.




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