How to Find Your ISP Username & Password

Your Internet service provider (ISP) requires a username and password to access service features, including Internet and email. Your ISP should provide this information when you set up your Internet service. Typically, once you complete the setup and save the information, your router or modem transmits it behind the scenes when you try to access the Internet. As a result, the username and password can be easily forgotten because they are not used daily. If you reset your router or simply forget the password, gaining access to network resources and the Internet becomes a challenge.

Step 1

Call your ISP's technical support department. Many ISPs set a default username and password for their routers. If you didn't change the username and password, your ISP can provide the original information. Before you hang up, make sure the information is correct by entering it and trying to connect to the Internet. If the information is incorrect and you still cannot get a connection, keep the information for later reference.

Step 2

Call your router's manufacturer. The manufacturer of your router sets a username and password prior to shipping the device to your ISP. Look at the router for the contact information of the manufacturer. Call their customer service or technical support department and ask for the default information.

Step 3

Reset your router. If you changed your router's username and password and cannot remember what you entered, you may have to reset the router. Insert the resource CD into your computer's CD drive. When the software installation program starts, search the screen for "Resources" or "Documentation" or "User Manual." Click the documentation link and search the table of contents for resetting the router. When you reset the router, the username and password return to the default set by your ISP or manufacturer. Enter the information provided by your ISP or manufacturer.