How to Remove My Wireless Internet Password

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You can disable the Wi-Fi password via the router's settings.

With the advent of home wireless networks in the early 2000s, Wi-Fi security became a priority. Wi-Fi routers now, by default, are packaged with a wireless password to connect to. The router is the device that connects your computers to the Internet. While it is not recommended, you can remove the wireless password on your router by accessing the router's administrative panel. This is accessed using a Web browser, and you must be connected to the router at the time.


Step 1

Open your Web browser and enter the router's IP address. If you do not know the router's IP address, check the router itself. (Often a sticker will be placed on it with the IP address.) If you cannot find the sticker with your router's IP address, then click "Start," then type "cmd" and press "Enter." Type "ipconfig" and press "Enter." Wait for for the details to display. In the results given, the "Default Gateway" is the IP address for your router (typically or similar). Once you've entered the router's IP address, press "Enter" on your keyboard.


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Step 2

Enter the login details for your router. If you do not know these details, check the router sticker for a username and password. Alternatively, consult the documentation for your router. If you still cannot find the information, consult the Internet. Many popular routers are detailed online at websites such as Home Network Help. (See Resources.)


Step 3

Find the "Security" page in your router's administrative setup.

Step 4

Locate the "Wireless Protection" (or similarly worded) section, and make sure you click to "Disable" any forms of Wi-Fi protection. The most common type of Wi-Fi protection now is WPA (Wi-Fi Protection Access), though older routers might be using WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy).



Step 5

Click "Save" or "Apply" and then turn your router on and off. Once it has restarted, your saved changes will take effect.



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