How to Stop Jitter on a Wireless Internet

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Wireless Internet can get jitters.

Wireless Internet sometimes ends up with a jitter, or unstable signal, especially when using services like Voice Over IP, or VOIP, which require a fast Internet connection. Sometimes the jitter is minor and does not interfere much with the use of the Internet, but it can become a serious problem when it occurs regularly and for extended time periods. Stopping the jitter is possible in some situations.


Step 1

Turn off other wireless devices or move them away from the wireless Internet signal. Interference is a common problem that causes a jitter from the wireless network device. If the problem is caused by interference from other personal devices, turning them off or moving them out of range will fix the problem.


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Step 2

Find out what type of Internet your neighbors are using. Like interference from personal devices, interference from neighbors can occur and cause a jitter in your service. This occurs when the neighbors are close and within range of the wireless network. If they use a wireless Internet signal, it is possible that the two signals interfere.


Step 3

Troubleshoot the router. If the router is not working properly, the wireless Internet will not work properly either. Restarting the router or troubleshooting the specific problem will often help fix the jitter. In the worst case, buy a new router.


Step 4

Call the Internet provider. Some jitter is caused by the Internet rather than the router or interference. In this case, the Internet provider will need to fix the problem. If it is a problem with the overall Internet in the area, the customer service representative can inform you of the problem and the expected time that the problem will take to solve. If it is a personal Internet problem, set up an appointment for a professional to look at the Internet wires, modem and cables.




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