How to Turn a Modem On and Off

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How to Turn a Modem On and Off. You may need to turn your modem on or off on occasion. This is an effective tool for recycling the modem or to reestablish and Internet connection. With a few easy tips, you can read the modem correctly when turning it on or off.

Step 1

Determine why you are turning off the modem. If your Internet connection is lost, use your Internet providers help system to uncover the error. Major providers have fix-it tools. If you are advised to turn off the modem, follow the instructions in the exact order.


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Step 2

Study the lights on the modem. This will help you understand what is wrong and determine whether turning the modem off is helpful. If the power light is solid green then there should be no connectivity problems. If there is no light, it probably won't help to turn off the modem. Check the chords and power supply.


Step 3

Call your Internet provider to determine if you should turn the modem off and back on. The provider will ask you about the lights showing on the modem. They may turn it off remotely to reboot the entire system.


Step 4

Decide whether you want to turn the modem off at night or when it's not in use. Some computer security experts recommend turning the modem off to prevent others from accessing your personal data. You may want to turn off the entire computer to avoid a restart when you turn the modem on again. If you have a good firewall protection system, it is probably unnecessary to turn off the modem.



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