How to Login to a Comcast Modem

By TS Jordan

A high-speed Internet modem is the device used to interface your computer's network card to your Comcast web connection. Accessing and logging in to this modem is necessary for certain troubleshooting procedures, enabling you to see whether the modem is properly sending and receiving data to the Internet. Accomplish this by accessing the modem through your Internet browser.

Step 1

Click "Start" on the computer plugged in (or connected through a router or switch) to the modem.

Step 2

Click "Programs" and open your Internet browser of choice.

Step 3

Enter "" in the browser's address bar. This is the access address for most Comcast modems. Try "" or "" if you have a nonstandard model of Comcast modem.

Step 4

Press "Enter." Enter a username and password if prompted. Contact your local Comcast ISP for the username and password for your modem, or try the following combinations: "username: root," "password: root;" "username: admin," "password: motorola;" "username: admin," "password: w2402;" "username: cusadmin," "password: highspeed" or "username:", "password: icu4at!"