How to Unlock a Comcast Modem

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Comcast, America's largest Internet service provider, supplies modems to its subscribers, giving them Internet access from their computers. A variety of manufacturers make modems for Comcast, including Cisco (Linksys) and Motorola. The online configuration utility, used to adjust the modem's settings, requires a user name and password, for security reasons. Unlocking your Comcast modem for changes takes just a few seconds from any web browser on your home network.


Step 1

Open a web browser connected to your network. Enter the IP address of the modem into the address bar and click "Enter." The default is often "" or ""

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Step 2

Type your modem's user name and password into the appropriate boxes. Default settings often use "admin" as the user name and "password" as the password, all lower case. If this doesn't work, leave "user name" blank and "admin" as the password.


Step 3

Click"OK." The modem's online configuration utility appears after a few seconds. The modem is unlocked.




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