How to Change the MTU Settings on an Arris

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The Maximum Transmission Unit, or MTU, settings on a computer modem dictate the size in bytes of the largest protocol unit the network can handle. Changing the MTU settings of your computer network may help resolve software problems caused by latency or lag times. The procedure usually involves gradually reducing the MTU size until there is no fragmentation necessary. Adjusting the MTU settings on an Arris brand modem is possible via the configuration interface.


Step 1

Open a new web browser window on any computer connected to the Arris modem and enter "" without the quotation marks into the address bar.

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Step 2

Enter the modem's password and click "Enter" to access the settings menu.


Step 3

Click the blue "WAN Setup" box on the left side of the screen and choose "PPPoE" from the list of options. Click "Next."


Step 4

Enter the MTU size in bytes in the box labelled "MTU." You may only be able to choose a number within a certain range.

Step 5

Click "Save" when you are finished – the MTU settings have been changed.

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