How to Troubleshoot Suddenlink

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A good set of troubleshooting procedures is a valuable tool for any home Internet user. Knowing how to address basic problems that any Internet connection, such as Suddenlink Communication's cable broadband Internet, will encounter allows you to maintain the consistency of your home Internet service without having to spend time on the phone with a technical support representative from your Internet service provider. Luckily, the troubleshooting techniques used to this end are quite simple, and can be mastered by even the most technophobic user.


Step 1

Reset the network by unplugging the power cord of the Suddenlink modem as well as the power cords of any router or other home networking equipment you use in conjunction with the Suddenlink modem. Plug all power cords back in after 30 seconds and allow for an additional 30 seconds for all devices to fully reboot. This basic reset is ideal for troubleshooting almost all problems the network may encounter, including slow speeds, intermittent connectivity, or a lack of connectivity.


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Step 2

Unscrew the coaxial cable that attaches the wall cable outlet to the Suddenlink modem and check the needle in the middle of the cable for any bending or damage. Screw the cable back on to the modem's coaxial input and reset the modem again as described in Step 1. Often, this troubleshooting step will clear intermittent connectivity issues, as dust or static electricity buildup on the coaxial connection itself can interfere with the modem's communication with the Suddenlink network.


Step 3

Unplug the Ethernet cable that connects the Suddenlink modem to your router or any other home networking device and plug it directly into the computer's Ethernet port. Once again, reset the modem and test your network. This is known as "bypassing" the router; if the router is causing any problems, the network should act normally once the router has been bypassed. If the network continues to have problems after bypassing the router, you will likely need to contact Suddenlink technical support at 888-822-5151 and have them troubleshoot the network further.





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