How to Connect TI 84 Plus to Computer

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The TI-84 calculator connects to computers via USB ports.

Your standalone Texas Instruments "TI-84 Plus" calculator is useful and valuable right out of the package. Connect your calculator to a computer, however, and its worth increases. You can transfer your calculator display to show on a computer screen and use those images to make a math presentation. You can also pull your data calculations from the TI-84 and save them to the hard drive. In the other direction, you can add extra applications and games to the TI-84 Plus. This software creates abundant functionality for the calculator, but the steps for making the connection are minimal.


Step 1

Navigate to TI's "Download Central--TI Connect Software for Windows" webpage and click the link to download the "TI Connect" software (see Resources). Be sure to save the file to a location on your hard drive that you can remember, such as the Windows desktop or "Documents" folder.

Step 2

Find the TI Connect file that was downloaded in the previous step, then double click it to open a window. The file's name is "ticonnect_eng.exe."

Step 3

Read and follow the instructions in the pop-up windows until the installation of the TI Connect software is complete.


Step 4

Plug your connectivity cable (USB or serial) into the TI-84 calculator and the computer.

Step 5

Double click on the "TI Connect" icon, found in the Windows "All Programs" list or on the desktop, to launch the application.

Step 6

Click on the icon labeled "Device Explorer," which is on the page labeled "TI Connect" in the application.

Step 7

Wait while the TI Connect application searches for the TI-84 calculator.


Step 8

Click on "Select" after the calculator is found. The "Device Explorer" window will show a list of "Programs," "Variables" and "Apps" on the TI-84 calculator which confirms it is properly connected to your computer.


TI recommends that you perform a Windows operating system update to ensure you have installed and updated the "Microsoft.NET Framework."


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