How to Stream a Playlist in VLC

By Katrina Matterhorn

The VLC player is a free multimedia player, file converter and streamer that can be used to view a variety of file formats. It has the ability to stream your videos over Web networks as well, provided you have the IP address for your playlist. You can stream to a single or multiple computers over Web networks with the VLC player.

Step 1

Double-click the VLC Media Player icon to open the program.

Step 2

Click "File," "Streaming/Transcoding Wizard." Click "Stream to Network," "Next."

Step 3

Click "Select a Stream," "Choose..." Select your playlist from the list provided of your computer's files.

Step 4

Type the IP address where you want to stream to in the "Destination" field. Click "Next," "Finish." Your playlist will begin streaming through your VLC player.

Tips & Warnings

  • To get your IP address click "Start" and type "Cmd" into the "Search" text field. Press "Enter." A command prompt window will open. Type "iconfig" after the ">" sign and press "Enter." The first number listed is the IP address. It should have 11 numbers total separated by four dots, for example ""