How to Stream a Playlist in VLC

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The VLC player is a free multimedia player, file converter and streamer that can be used to view a variety of file formats. It has the ability to stream your videos over Web networks as well, provided you have the IP address for your playlist. You can stream to a single or multiple computers over Web networks with the VLC player.


Step 1

Double-click the VLC Media Player icon to open the program.

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Step 2

Click "File," "Streaming/Transcoding Wizard." Click "Stream to Network," "Next."


Step 3

Click "Select a Stream," "Choose..." Select your playlist from the list provided of your computer's files.

Step 4

Type the IP address where you want to stream to in the "Destination" field. Click "Next," "Finish." Your playlist will begin streaming through your VLC player.


To get your IP address click "Start" and type "Cmd" into the "Search" text field. Press "Enter." A command prompt window will open. Type "iconfig" after the ">" sign and press "Enter." The first number listed is the IP address. It should have 11 numbers total separated by four dots, for example ""