How to Convert a Microsoft Publisher File to a Web Page

How to Convert a Microsoft Publisher File to a Web Page. Turn that holiday newsletter you created in Microsoft Publisher into a Web page with just a few simple steps.

Step 1

Start Microsoft Publisher and open the page you want to convert.

Step 2

From the File menu, select Create Web Site from Current Publication.

Step 3

Click Yes when the Design Checker dialog box pops up, selecting all pages. Make changes as needed, using the suggestion or explanation box provided.

Step 4

Select Yes when the Design Checker Download Time dialog box opens. This command checks the page for download speed and makes suggestions.

Step 5

Click OK when the design check is complete. Make any changes to the Web page.

Step 6

Select Web Properties from the File menu to create the title of the page and other information.

Step 7

Use the Website Preview command from the File menu to view the document before saving. This command will start the default Web browser and show the page.

Step 8

Select Save As HTML from the File menu when you're done. Click on Save.

Things You'll Need

  • Internet Access

  • Computers

  • Microsoft Publisher

  • Web Browsers


If you have the Microsoft Web Publishing wizard installed, you can use the Publish to the Web command under the File menu. The wizard is available on the Windows 98 CD or the Microsoft Publisher CD. After saving the document as a Web page, you can upload it to your Web site.