How to Convert a Microsoft Publisher File to a Web Page

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How to Convert a Microsoft Publisher File to a Web Page. Turn that holiday newsletter you created in Microsoft Publisher into a Web page with just a few simple steps.

Step 1

Start Microsoft Publisher and open the page you want to convert.


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Step 2

From the File menu, select Create Web Site from Current Publication.

Step 3

Click Yes when the Design Checker dialog box pops up, selecting all pages. Make changes as needed, using the suggestion or explanation box provided.


Step 4

Select Yes when the Design Checker Download Time dialog box opens. This command checks the page for download speed and makes suggestions.

Step 5

Click OK when the design check is complete. Make any changes to the Web page.



Step 6

Select Web Properties from the File menu to create the title of the page and other information.

Step 7

Use the Website Preview command from the File menu to view the document before saving. This command will start the default Web browser and show the page.

Step 8

Select Save As HTML from the File menu when you're done. Click on Save.



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