How to Convert an .Fxp to an MP3

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Convert your FXP files to MP3

An FXP file is an audio plugin that has been used in such audio-synthesizing programs as Steinberg Cubase, Reaper, and Goldwave. The FXP file may have audio settings for your program, but it is not an audio file. Since FXP files are not audio files, they cannot be directly converted into an MP3, but you can add the effects of an FXP to your audio synthesizer and then export your audio file as an MP3.


Step 1

Open your audio-synthesizing software. Click "File" and "Open" to select the audio file you have that you'd like the FXP audio plugin to alter. Click "Open."

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Step 2

Open the VST (Virtual Studio Technology). Load your FXP file into VST. Some of the more recent versions of Cubase and other audio programs have lost support for FXP files. This may cause the FXP file to not load correctly. This support can be renewed by downloading a plug-in that supports FXP files or by switching to an audio program with FXP support. If your file loads correctly, skip to step 4.


Step 3

Download the appropriate FXP plug-in for your audio-synthesizing program. For Cubase, for instance, you can download the HALion Symponic Orchestra (See Resource 2). Install the plug-in.


Step 4

Alter your sound file in your synthesizing software to your heart's content using the FXP plug-in.


Step 5

Render the audio output of the program to a file by selecting these options in your audio program. This file will be an MP3 file that will now reflect the changes in your VST by your FXP file.



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