How to Add a Podcast to Your Web Site

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How to Add a Podcast to Your Web Site. A podcast is simply a series of audio files that you make available for others to hear. It is called a podcast because it is usually broadcast on a regular basis like a radio show, but listeners have the convenience of listening to the podcast on their computer or MP3 player, such as an iPod. Another feature of a podcast is that its availability is often announced via RSS feed.


Step 1

Create an audio file using your favorite audio recording software. If you are unfamiliar with audio recording software, you might want to try Audacity, a free sound recorder and editor.

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Step 2

Convert your audio file to MP3 format. MP3 format is the standard format for podcasts and will ensure that all of your listeners will be able to hear your files. If you use Audacity, you can simply export your file to MP3 format. Other audio software should work similarly.


Step 3

Upload your MP3 file to your Web server.

Step 4

Create a link to your MP3 file on the Web page on which you wish to publish your podcast. Create a link that listeners can click to open your file. Your link will look similar to this:


Step 5

Write a title and brief description of your podcast above or below the link to the podcast so listeners will know what your podcast is about.


Step 6

Create an RSS feed for your podcast. Your RSS feed will include your podcast title, description and link. You can create an RSS feed easily by using the free podcast RSS Feed Generator by TD Scripts.


Step 7

Add your podcast RSS feed to your Web site by uploading your newly create RSS file. This file should be saved and uploaded as an .xml file. This is the file your listeners will use to subscribe to your podcast.

Step 8

Let your Web site visitors know that you have a new podcast! Provide the link to your podcast RSS feed on your Web site.

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