How to Convert MUS to MusicXML

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Convert your own music scores from .MUS to MusicXML from within Finale.
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As a music composer, you can convert your scores to the MusicXML format to make them readable in a variety of software programs. Because the .MUS file format is proprietary, you need to use the Finale software to convert it to the MusicXML format. However, another option is possible for those who do not want to pay for the full version of Finale but still need to convert their files. Finale makes a cheaper version of its software that has basic features, including the ability to convert files. This software is available at


Step 1

Open either Finale or Finale NotePad.

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Step 2

Click on "File," and then click on "Open."

Step 3

Navigate to and select the .MUS score you want to open, and then click "Open."


Step 4

Click on "File," choose MusicXML and select "Export."


Step 5

Enter a name for the MusicXML file in the Name field.

Step 6

Select the file type "MusicXML 2.0 files" to save the exported file.

Step 7

Click "Save." This will export your .MUS file and convert it to MusicXML.

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