How to Open a Flipchart File

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When you see a FLIPCHART file extension, the file was created using ActivInspire software. Promethean Limited markets ActivInspire as a tool for teachers to create interactive classroom presentations. Paired with a compatible ActiveBoard, the software supports dual-user pens and multitouch capabilities. ActivInspire can also open FLP files that were created on earlier Promethean software, but the earlier software versions can't open flipchart files.


Facing the Flipchart

To work with flipchart files, you need ActivInspire software, which is available for Mac, Linux and Windows. Using ActivInspire requires at least Windows XP SP3, Mac Snow Leopard or Linux Ubuntu 12.04 or a newer operating system. ActivInspire software is available in a free personal edition and as a premium professional edition. The Promethean Planet website offers free online training to teach the basic skills necessary for creating simple interactive flipcharts. For experienced users, other paid training options are available. Visit Promethean's website to download or purchase the software.

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