How to Open an LBL File

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An LBL file indicates that you have a database label file. The LBL file extension is used by several different Microsoft database applications such as dBase, Foxbase and Access. To open the file, you must have one of these applications installed on your computer. The Windows "Open With" function detects the database application installed and compatible with the LBL file. Use this function to open the file and view its content.


Step 1

Right-click the LBL file on your system and select "Open With" in the popup context menu.

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Step 2

Click the "Choose a default program..." option in the sub-menu. This option opens a configuration window that lists compatible programs for the LBL file.


Step 3

Click the database program installed on the computer. For instance, if you have Microsoft Office installed, you can use the database software Access to view the LBL file content.


Step 4

Click "Open" to open the file and view the LBL's content.




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