How to Play CPI Files

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A file with the file extension of CPI is an AVCHD Video Clip Information file. The file includes metadata for high definition recordings in the AVCHD (MTS) file format. CPI files are descriptive files that are included with the MTS media files. Open and "play," or view CPI files using an application that will display MTS and other video file metadata such as CLIPINF Editor. A trial version of the CLIPINF CPI File viewer is available from shareware sites such as Softpedia.


Step 1

Open the CLIPINF Editor.

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Step 2

Click the "Browse" button. A file navigation window opens.

Step 3

Navigate to and click on the video source file location. Click "OK." The CPI files list in a drop-down box just under the path input box.


Step 4

Click the "CLIPINF" drop-down box and click on the CPI file to view. The CPI file is played by displaying the values for the fields in the viewer. For example, the "CLIF Stream Information" section includes the fields "PID," "Stream Type," and "Language." The values for these fields are displayed from the CPI file data.




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