How to Open DB Files

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Files that use the DB file extension contain data created by one of several programs. This type of file is easily opened and converted to other file types, such as comma-separated value files that use the the CSV file extension created in Microsoft Excel. Files with the DB file extension are created by: Microsoft Access; Corel Paradox; Synopsis Design Compiler Graphical; Microsoft Works; SQLite from Linux, Windows-based and OS X computers; and the H2 database engine.


Step 1

Find the application that created this file

Navigate to the file on your drive. Double-click the file to see which application is attached to the file.


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Step 2

Open the software program you believe created the file. Use "File," and then "Open" to open the file and view its contents.


Step 3

Open Microsoft Access and use "File," and then "Open" to open the file. Access file types change among versions, but the software program includes some backward compatibility, allowing older file types to open. You may not be able to save the file to the same name if it was created in an earlier version. However, you can save the file with the new file extension. This file format does not support user-level security or replication in Access 2010, so review the data file before deciding if you want to upgrade its contents to Access 2010.




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