How to export an object mesh as a .OBJ file in Autodesk Maya

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Autodesk Maya's native formats, .ma and .mb, are useful when using only Autodesk products for your work, but most non-Autodesk graphics software cannot read these formats. When it comes to .obj files, however, they can be easily read by most graphics software, and can be viewed just as a plain text file. Because of this transportability, it is useful to know how to export your object meshes as .obj files. The .obj format contains vertex and UV texture information.


Step 1

Click on the "Window" menu on the top menu bar and go to Window->Settings/Preferences->Plugin Manager.

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Step 2

Scroll down until you find "objExport.mll." If the Loaded and Auto load boxes are not already checked, check them. Click the Refresh button and close.


Step 3

Select the mesh you would like to export as an object file. Go to File->Export Selection. Under "Files of type" select OBJexport.


Step 4

Enter a file name and click Export.



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