How to Convert Excel Field to Boolean Type

You might have noticed that Excel doesn't appear to offer "Boolean" as cell type. When you try to format a cell, Excel will suggest formatting its contents as a currency, a date or time, a percentage but not a boolean value. Nonetheless, Excel does process boolean values and it regularly produces them as the output from formulas. To create a cell whose boolean value you change, create a checkbox. When checked, this box will have the value of "True." When unchecked, it will have the value of "False."

Excel stores truth values much as printed forms do.

Step 1

Click "File."

Step 2

Click "Options." This opens the "Excel Options" window.

Step 3

Click "Customize ribbon."

Step 4

Check the box next to "Developer" in the pane on the right. Click "OK."

Step 5

Click "Developer" from the menu bar.

Step 6

Click "Insert" from the "Controls" tab.

Step 7

Click the icon for a check box from the "form options" section.

Step 8

Click on the cell to which you want the add the boolean value.

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