How to Convert .Plist to Text

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A .plist file, or Property List file, is an XML file used in Mac OS X, most commonly used to save application preferences. The files can be viewed and edited as text in a standard text editor such as TextEdit. If you wish to convert the file from a .plist to a text document, you can simply save the file as a text document using the editor. Be sure not to make any changes to the original .plist files as it can cause issues with the OS and associated applications.


Step 1

Locate the .plist file. Right-click or Command-click and select "Open With," then "TextEdit." The .plist file will open as a text document in the TextEdit application.

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Step 2

Cluck the document, click "Edit," then "Select All." Click "Edit," then "Copy."


Step 3

Click "File," then "New." This will open a blank TextEdit document. Click "Edit," then "Paste." This will copy the .plist text from the original .plist file and paste it into a new text document. Once pasted, close the original .plist document. This is to ensure you do not make any accidental changes to the original .plist.



Step 4

Click "File," then "Save As..." from the menu bar. Enter a name for the new text document and select a location to save the text file. Set the file format to "Rich Text Format" and click "Save."




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