How to Convert TIB to VMDK Using Acronis

By Steve McDonnell

You can convert an Acronis Backup and Recovery TIB backup file to a VMware VMDK disk by performing a recovery of the backup file to a new virtual machine. Acronis Backup and Recovery will create a virtual machine that uses the backup file as its primary disk drive so you don't have to perform any additional steps to mount and integrate the disk after it's converted.

Step 1

Launch Acronis Backup & Recovery and select **Recover.**

Step 2

Choose **Select Data** and select the disk to convert using the Data View tab or the Archive View tab, depending on where the backup is stored.

Step 3

Select **New Virtual Machine** in the Recover-To section. Select **Save the Virtual Machine As a Set of Files** and select **VMware** as the machine type to create a new virtual machine you can configure with VMWare Workstation; or select **Create a New Virtual Machine on the Server** and select an ESX(i) virtual appliance server to store and manage the machine. Choose **OK** when done.

Step 4

[Adjust the virtual machine settings,]( such as the number of processors, amount of memory, type of disk and network configuration as necessary in the Virtual Machine Settings section.

Step 5

Choose **Recovery Options** and modify the settings as appropriate. Choose **Start New Virtual Machine Automatically** in the VM Power Management section if you want to auto-start a new machine created on the ESX(i) server.

Step 6

Set the time you want the recovery task to start or choose **Recover Now** and select **OK.** Enter the user credentials for Acronis use when automatically logging in if you set the recovery task for a future date.

Step 7

Choose the **Backup Plans and Tasks** view to monitor the status of the recovery. Access your new virtual machine and the converted VMDK disk when the process is complete.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you recover to an ESX(i) 5 server or later, Acronis creates the machine with the Unified Extensible Hardware Interface, or UEFI. Otherwise, Acronis creates a machine that uses the BIOS firmware to boot. The default disk interface is SCSI.