How to Convert Word to an Editable PDF Form

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You can create an editable PDF form with user input by using Microsoft Office Word and Adobe Acrobat. Using these two programs together allows you to easily create the form in Word and set up the form fields in Acrobat. This will enable you to add data into form fields and edit the form using any PDF program.


Step 1

Open a new document in MS Word. Create the form by adding the text and graphics. Create the user input areas manually using text and lines. Example: NAME:___****.

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Step 2

Click "File" when the document is completed and choose "Save As." Click "Adobe PDF." Click "Save." The document will be converted into a PDF and open in Adobe Acrobat.


Step 3

Click "Forms" on the main Acrobat toolbar. Choose "Add or Edit Forms" and click "Yes" when asked if you would like Acrobat to automatically detect form fields.

Step 4

Change the form field title if you want it to differ from Acrobat's suggested title. Do so by clicking on it and typing in the preferred form title.


Step 5

Modify the form field to make it a required field by right-clicking on it and choosing "Set as Required."


Step 6

Delete any field that Acrobat may have inaccurately chosen as a form field by right-clicking on it and choosing "Edit." Click "Delete."


Step 7

Add a form field that Acrobat may have overlooked by clicking "Add New Field" on the editing tool bar. Click "Text Box." Click on the form field. Type in a field title. Choose if this is a required field. Click outside the box to insert the field.

Step 8

Close the form editing box when all of the form fields have been created. Do so by clicking on the "Close Editing Box" tab on the menu bar. Click "File" and choose "Save" to save the PDF form.

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