How to Create a PDF With a Signature Space

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You can add a signature space to a PDF forms or documents. You can then add your digital signature to the PDF by clicking on the space and typing your name or inserting a premade signature graphic. The PDF can also be modified to require a signature, which will remind users to sign the document before closing it. Learn how to add a signature space using this step-by step guide.


Step 1

Open your PDF creator program. Click "File" to open an existing PDF document or click "Create PDF" from an existing file or from a new page.

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Step 2

Select a signature area on the document. Type some instructional text such as "Sign Here" followed by a blank space where the actual signature space will be.


Step 3

Click "Forms" on the main menu and choose "Add or Edit Fields." The form editing window will open.

Step 4

Click "Add New Field" on the editing tool bar and choose "Digital Signature."


Step 5

Drag the signature box to the area space you chose on the form. Click to lock the signature space in place. The signature properties box will open.


Step 6

Click inside the Field Name box and type in a title for the space. Check the "Required Field" box if a user signature will be required. Click outside of the properties box to close it.


Step 7

Click "Close Editing Form" to exit the form editing window and return to the PDF document. Click "File" and choose "Save" to save the changes you made to the PDF document.



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