How Do I Create a Check Box in Adobe Acrobat?

Unlike radio buttons, check boxes let you select multiple items.
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When creating forms in Adobe Acrobat XI, you can add check boxes to help end users select multiple available options. Adobe Acrobat lets you insert check boxes via the Form Editing panel, where you can adjust them to any size that you require. To add multiple check boxes, speed things up by duplicating check boxes that you have already created.

Step 1

Adobe Acrobat switches to Form Editing mode.
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Open the Tools pane, expand the Forms section, and then click Edit.

Step 2

The Add New Field menu features various types of widgets.
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Expand the Tasks section, and then select Check Box from the Add New Field pull-down menu.

Step 3

Place check boxes next to selectable options.
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Position the cursor where you want the check box to appear. Click and drag the cursor to the size you require, and then release to insert the check box.

Step 4

Click "All Properties" to further customize the check box.
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Insert a name into the pop-up box, and click anywhere within the document to create the check box. To set the check box as a required item, check the box next to Required Field.

Step 5

Release to create the duplicated check box.
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Hold down the Ctrl button, and then left-click and drag the check box to duplicate it.

Step 6

To prevent grouping, give separate names to each check box.
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Double-click the duplicated check box, and then insert a new name into the Name field. Under the Common Properties section, check the box next to Required to make the check box a required item. Click OK to apply the changes.


To undo a change, open the "Edit" menu, and then click "Undo."

To review your changes, exit Form Editing mode by clicking the "Close Form Editing" button on the upper-right of the screen.

To save your changes, open the "File" menu, and then click "Save."

Adobe Acrobat XI lets you fully customize check boxes where you can add tooltips, change color, or even change the default shape. After creating or duplicating a check box, double-click it to open the Check Box Properties dialog box. Add tooltips into the "Tooltip" box under the General tab, change color using the "Borders and Colors" tools under the Appearance tab, or change shapes using the "Check Box Style" pull-down menu under the Options tab.