How to Create the Tick Box Text Box in Microsoft Word

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Creating a checklist in Microsoft Word can be an easy task. Using Microsoft Word to create a checklist makes it appear organized and presentable. Learn how to insert a tick box text box in Microsoft Word following a few simple steps. Also, visit the link in "Additional Resources," below, for a detailed guide on how to set up a checklist in Microsoft Word.


Step 1

Open a new document in Microsoft Word. Go to the "View" menu and select "Forms" from the "Toolbar" category.

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Step 2

Click on the "Check Box Form Field" button in the Forms toolbar.

Step 3

Click in the appropriate section of the Microsoft Word document of where you want the tick box text box to appear.

Step 4

Click on the "Form Field Shading" button in the "Forms" toolbar if you would like to remove the gray shading on the box.



Step 5

Lock the form so that you can check off the box. Click on the "Protect Form" button in the "Forms" toolbar to lock the form. You can now check off the box.

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