How to Create a Drop-down Field in Outlook

By Aminah Paden

Microsoft designed Outlook software so that users can create customized versions of Outlook forms. This includes adding needed fields or controls, such as a drop-down menu.The ability to deliver customized forms to collect information is one of the most underutilized options of the software.

Step 1

Pick a default form that will be the basis for the customized form that you create. Go to the Folder List and create a new folder for your form. Select a location for the folder. Click "OK."

Step 2

Click "Forms" in the tool menu. Pick a default form from the Standard Form Library. The default form opens in design mode, where you can make changes to the form. Add or remove labels, controls and fields.

Step 3

Point to the Toolbar on the View menu. Click "Forms." Click the location where you want to place the field in the document. Click the drop-down form field.

Step 4

Protect your form from changes. Click "Protect Form" on the Forms toolbar. If you want to make additional changes, click "Protect Form" again to unlock the form for modifications.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you have programming skills, you can add Web pages or Active X controls to your Outlook form.