How to Convert XML to KML

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Keyhole Markup Language is similar to the XML format and is used by Google to provide longitude and latitude data for location points consolidated on Google Earth. You can convert your XML file to KML with a map conversion application that is free to download. With this program, you can save your location data as a KML file and submit it to Google or other geography applications.


Step 1

Launch your Web browser and navigate to Download the file to your desktop. This file is a VBA macro that imports your Excel data and converts it to a KML file.

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Step 2

Double-click the file to open it. Click "Yes" when the Excel security alert appears to enable the macro.


Step 3

Click on the "Data" tab.

Step 4

Type the latitude and longitude within the latitude and longitude columns. Type in any other data you feel is necessary.


Step 5

Click "Generate KML File." Enter a name for your file and click "Save." Your XML file will be saved as a KML file.

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