How to Copy a Flash Drive to a Flash Drive

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If you have upgraded your flash drive or wish to take files off a friend's drive, you may need to copy the contents of one flash drive to a second flash drive. Because these devices work just like small hard drives when plugged into your computer, copying the entire contents of one drive to another is as simple as a couple clicks.


Step 1

Plug both flash drives into your computer's USB ports. If you only have one available USB port, see Tips.

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Step 2

Open "My Computer" and locate both flash drives.

Step 3

Open the contents of the drive with the files you wish to copy in a new window.


Step 4

Highlight the files you wish to copy and drag them over onto the new drive's icon in the My Computer window. Let go when the icon highlights and wait for the transfer to complete.


Step 5

Eject both drives by selecting them one at a time and clicking the "Eject" button on the left-hand side of the "My Computer" window. Wait until your PC gives you a message telling you it is safe to eject the flash drive.

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